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Heather MacAuley Physiotherapy


About Heather MacAuley PT

Hello and welcome.


I have safety precautions in place. You will receive a text the day before the appointment with more details and a screening form to return to me before you arrive. Please do not come if you feel unwell or have a fever. Please have your own mask.

To remove the chance of people meeting in the hall, I will ask you to stay outside and I will text you to say when the other person has left and the room is clean. Please also text me (I will have the phone beside me now) that you have arrived. Or, in a pinch, knock and then stick your head in the front door and announce your arrival (but be aware the doorhandle would not have been cleaned before you touched it). Doorknobs will be cleaned after each person. I will text you (or pop outside if you don't have a phone) to tell you when to come in. Please make sure the text notification can be heard over music etc. There is a bench under a tree near the door that you may use too.

Please wash with soap right up to the elbows when you come in.

Transfers can now be done but they have turned out to be quite problematic. Bank errors, people forgetting, getting a bit messy. Cash and cheque still work best and I would really prefer those methods.

IF you pay with transfer, please do it ahead of time and use this email:

[email protected]

This email is not monitored and I do not respond to it. There is still no swiper machine. And, funny problem, if your spouse has a different last name and they do the payment for you, please tell me what name to watch for; confusion has been had!!

I graduated from Dalhousie University in 1981 with a BSc in physiotherapy; in 1996 I completed the final Canadian examination in manual and manipulative therapy which has international recognition. You may look at to understand more about this therapy.

I have a strong interest in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, whiplash, concussion and chronic pain and in using manual therapy, manipulation and holistic healthcare to do so. I have studied osteopathic methods, craniosacral therapy, nerve releases, acupressure, muscle balancing and neurological re-programming to widen my scope. I offer orthotics (with a neat way to 'test-drive' them before ordering) and commonly-needed braces.

For years I was owner/operator of Burnside Physiotherapy Ltd. and met thousands of lovely people. Now I work from home in Dartmouth with the best commute ever and a deck to have lunch on. I am reasonably conversant in German if needed. Hope to see you at my home office. New note: texting is the swiftest way to get me, and safer if the cellphone ceases to function, as I can still get your messages and respond via the laptop.